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Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm still here!

So much is happening with the book and my life and it appeared as if I fell off the planet. We kind of did by taking in a stray dog that had been running loose in our area for weeks.  It looks like someone just dropped her off out here in our rural area hoping someone would take her in.  Can you imagine doing that to your dog???
Quite a few of us were feeding her but she wouldn't come near anyone until our neighbor Lorna caught her in their dog pen. 
Long story short, she is now with us and it's been about 2 weeks.  She doesn't trust men and cowers when my gentle giant husband stands up.  He is being so patient and kind with her and now she is coming up to him when he's sitting.  She has really bonded with me though and we named her Lily (after our deceased black lab whom she reminds us of).  She is so much like her when she makes certain looks it is almost eerie.
Taking in a homeless stray dog is a challenge, but worth the reward of knowing you're providing a home for the dog a place she can trust - something you know she didn't have.  She comes with a lot of unknown baggage and patience has been key. 
I've been using The Dog Whisperer techniques and she has responded well.  She is used to running after deer, turkeys, and quail but that is improving daily.
Nick and I weren't sure we wanted another dog.  We have one cat and we were enjoying the idea of traveling and being foot loose.  But I have enjoyed having Lily here and our specials walks on the beach and just having her around has been fun and energizing for me.  Working from home I have a tendancy to not walk as much as I could.  Lily is a sweetheart and I'm thankful it is about time she is in a place where she can finally relax and trust. 


  1. I'm touched by what you shared. That's exactly how we found one of our cats, Lucy, and can so relate to how an unexpected animal can so enlarge one's life.

  2. Have you got photos of the 'new' Lily yet? Okay sister...get out yer camera on your next dog break.... ;)