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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aloha from the islands

Good morning from Kauai.  We have savored every ounce of sun as friends report back home that we're getting below freezing temps and blizzard snows.  How glorious this trip has been.  At first we encountered a bit of rain and old friends we ran into here said they wouldn't come back to Kauai as they had rain every day of their trip.  A day later our rain turned into sun and it has been beautiful ever since.  Our timing was great. 
I've had to work every day, but how awesome to be able to work from the lanai or the beach.  I've had 4 school invitations since we've been here and working on topics for each Author's Day at each school.  The fun part is that some of the schools are wanting me to teach writing and others are wanting me to teach art.  Schools in Idaho have had art severely cut back and it is an honor to be able to come in and teach some basic skills and expand on that.
The artist residency I'm doing at Canyon Elementary will start with basic drawing skills and then we'll put together wildlife journals.  We'll draw animals and plants and learn observational and documentation skills to keep our journals going. 
I am so thankful for this opportunity and want to give children inspiration to find ways to express themselves.
Well back to work.  Soon enough I'll be home in my boots and hat, but for now you'll find me on the beach in my suit slathered with sun screen working hard on class ideas.  Aloha!


  1. Love the photos Carol. Congrats on your classes. The kids are so fortunate to learn from you. Working from Hawaii sounds really good this time of year ~ it's 10º in Anchorage. ugh. Enjoy it for me too.

  2. It was wonderful to work and play in Hawaii. Kauai is such an awesome place, but found that a lot of people think the same thing. Traffic on the small island is unbelievable and think it's so sad.
    Home now and was at Reardan Elementary yesterday. Awesome to share and fills me with such joy and hope the kids are getting something fun and useful out of the information.
    Glad you're keeping in touch Judy.