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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stray cat we've been feeding plus all the gang

Here is a picture of the stray cat I'm calling Buster.  He is a big beautiful male (not neutered) that has been hanging around for a couple of months.  I thought it was our neighbor's cat - she's down a few homes and has several cats but she recently told me he isn't hers.  So we started feeding him about 2 weeks ago and have a plan to get him neutered.  I already negotiated with the vet on a discounted rate for the procedure, but now the trick is catching him.

He is really friendly and head butts me and loves being petted, but when I was petting him the other day I reached on the other side of him with my hand and he gave me a vampire death grip bite on my wrist.  It hurt so darned bad I couldn't believe it and now I know why - he bit the nerve.  I am now numb on my right thumb and right index finger and it zings over the end of the wrist bone when I turn my hand.  It feels like someone numbed me up with a shot of novacaine there and it's been 4 or 5 days now.  Kind of difficult for someone who makes their living writing and illustrating.  Fortunately I cleaned it well enough that I haven't developed infection. 

I have to say I got a little relaxed about petting him and it wasn't Buster's fault.  I am since a lot less affectionate and a lot more wary, but Buster loves being petted.  Maybe I just need to get out the welding gloves - just in case.

He's been in a fight and although this pic was taken just a couple of days ago he looks better than in this pic.  He had an abcess under his right eye from a fight and his nose has been ripped.  The abcess drained on its own.  I've made a bed for him in a protected area outside on the deck and he is enjoying being fed by the Muziks (that's us).  Our little cat Bailey doesn't appreciate him, but we're not quite certain yet how to manage him yet.  I could quit feeding him, but that's not me.  If an animal shows up all alone and hungry, I am going to want to help.  Buster was definitely dumped.  Maybe he bit someone - I don't know.  It's just not how to manage the problem.  Buster would be a great cat for someone without little kids.  He is very suspicious of the cat carrier and won't go near it.  It's probably how someone delivered him out here.  We will get him neutered but we're trying to figure jsut out how to get him into the cat carrier without sustaining further injury.


  1. Ouch! Those bites hurt...relieved to read no infection...I'm a Major Cat Lover and think Buster's lucky he found you and your family...possibility exists that once neutered he'll settle down a bit more...really, really hope this works out...and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. Hey Buster, I'm suspicious of the cat carrier too, but you gotta keep those teethes and clawses tucked in...puleez. Just in case, I'll bring my full protective gear!