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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A White Christmas?

This is my little fawn friend whom I share apples and oats with.  Our snow has been gone for a few days now, but we're hoping it will come again in time for Christmas.  The newscasters say we have a white Christmas 70% of the time, but this year it looks like we're on the 30% side of that. 

I just talked to my cousin Susan and we have both been thinking a lot about our grandmother.  Grandma was such a loving person and so artistic.  She created hand appliqued quilts some of which were her own designs.  I told her that Joie (my sister) and I have also been thinking a lot about Grandma too and shared how I am now drinking tea - I switched from coffee - and using teapots that Grandma gave me.  I feel a real spiritual blessing and connection with Grandma as I enjoy my morning tea. 

This time of year it is a natural to think of Grandma.  She was the queen of our Christmas bliss and there was nothing like coming together at her house.  Sitting in Grandma's warm house, with a fire in the big fireplace, I'd look out over the snowy streets and I was taken back in time.  I could really see Santa in his sleigh sailing through the snowy night sky - but I knew all the good presents came from Grandma.  Christmas Eve was very special and everyone dressed up in their new holiday dresses and went to celebrate at the other relatives' homes.   The best celebration was at Grandma's because that's where we got to open our presents.

On Christmas day we all ate at Grandma's and I enjoyed family everywhere laughing, talking.  If it was snowy the kids would be outside making snowmen while the pies and turkey were baking.  It's a scene played out all across the nation - I know we aren't unique, and our family wasn't perfect, but there wasn't anything better than being at Grandma and Grandpa's home.  Still - I can't help but look back on those days with such deep fondness and tears in my eyes. 

Joie, Susan, and I still feel Grandma's love and support even though she has been gone for almost 20 years now.  We all know she is with us giving us the unconditional love and support she always gave us.  Her gift of love still weaves its way fully living in our hearts.  I hope you have someone like her in your life.  Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Oh, Carol, your blog truly touched my heart. I guess we in Northern Virginia have the snow you're waiting for...and I hope it comes your way for everything is so white and pure and fresh...(I'll think about the driveway later)...anyway, such a day brought thoughts of my grandma, hugs and I thank you for articulating so much of how I feel...that what was special was even more special at her house...and your fawn is adorable...I see those eyes and melt...can't, just can't eat venison...ohhhh, nooo...Merry Christmas to You and Yours!!!

  2. Love the little Bambi...does she know aunt Joie is comin'?

    I think about grandma nearly every day with all the things she made and handed down, to remembering her warm house full of goodies and treasures for dress up and play, and her amazing love - no matter the season. But especially at Christmas, which she made so incredibly special for us and the tradition of going from Margie's gorgeous tudor with mahogany trim, to Elaine's delicious pinks and whites, back to grandma's to open our presents and wait for Santa to fill the stockings...those were magical times that I will always cherish.

  3. Indeed Carol- your words about your Grandmother stirred remembrance for me as well. Remembering the adults that showed me love as a child. Love never, never wasted. A giving and loving heart in the life of anyone especially a child is truly a blessing. Merry Christmas- to you and yours- and yes we here in Southwest VA have your snow as well--- I will be ready to hand it over to you after Christmas!

  4. You Virginia girls, hang in there! You seem to be getting the big white storms we got last year. After the gloppy rain, I'm ready for some of that white fluff. Ho ho ho!