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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Raising Lucy and Forward Motion

It definitely would seem as though I disappeared and I have to admit I have taken some time off from promoting and book signings.  December was busy and January has been a time for reflection and recharging and planning. 
Self-publishing has been quite a journey, and sometimes I wonder if I have it in me.  I LOVE the creative portion of illustrating, writing, collaborating - then the hard part comes at going out and selling your own product.  I certainly have enthusiasm for Lucy but as a very sensitive individual I am really in tune when people in bookstores are overwhelmed or underwhelmed and I want to be conscious of that. 
There is a certain amount of bias from booksellers about self-publishers and I understand they are inundated with self-publishers wanting them to carry their books.  Often, they say, the books are poorly done so a bias is created and they shrink away as soon as they hear your book is self-published.  Once I can open Raising Lucy up and they see the quality of the images, the colors, Lucy almost sells herself.  
There is a lot of hard work ahead and I am fortunate for the people and opportunities that have come my way.  It was a labor of love and I am committed to sharing her story along with other animal stories.  My goal is to help others who have animal stories on this publishing path.  I have learned a lot and I'm not done learning all there is to know.  I want to keep the interest to stories about animals and our connection to them because this is an area that needs focus in these high tech times.  
My hope is that if people become more connected to the natural world they would be more thoughtful in their lives.  If we could connect more with love then the abuse and greed that has taken place as long as there were humans might begin to disappear.    


  1. Good to 'see' you again...look forward to hearing more about sharing the creative process for the books and all the things that led up to them.

  2. Busy writing away today. Sunshine feels inspiring coming through the windows.

  3. Wow, Carol, very impressive! I'd wondered where you'd disappeared to and, scrolling back, you did a lot in a brief period. Can you give us a post or two or three about what self-publishing involves? I've nothing on my plate but one never knows about tomorrow. And, good luck with Raising Lucy. The cover looks great!

  4. Kittie - I will give it a try and talk about my experiences.

  5. Carol

    Your words

    "My hope is that if people become more connected to the natural world they would be more thoughtful in their lives. If we could connect more with love then the abuse and greed that has taken place as long as there were humans might begin to disappear. "

    are exactly how I have been feeling of late - good luck with your work with children and your illustration.